Things a Plumber must do

A plumber has to be an expert in many different things, leaks, clogs, sewer tanks, sewer lines, main water lines, household pipes and replacing household pipes, faucets, showerheads, fixtures, sinks, toilets, building codes, plumbing codes and customer relations. The plumber must carry an inventory of screws and nuts, washers, faucets, shower heads, and plumbing accessories like toilet wax rings,tools for all types plumbing including copper and pex, plumbing grease, propane torches, propane tanks, pex pipe, plastic pipe, copper piping, and various different handles for sinks and tubs. The services he performs include but is not limited to:

  1. Toilet clog cleaning
  2. Toilet repair and installation
  3. Main Water lines replacement or repair
  4. Sewer Pipe Cleaning, repair
  5. Main Water Line repair
  6. Fixture and faucet repair or replacement
  7. Complete re-plumbing using pex or copper
  8. Garbage Disposal replace or repair
  9. Damaged pipe fixed or reinforced
  10. Dishwasher installation or repair
  11. Sewer Tanks cleaned and repaired.


Pex pipe is a flexible pipe similar to a water hose but strong as copper piping to hold water flow. Older homes with the old steel plumbing need to be re-plumbed and that can be done with pex piping instead of the more expensive copper plumbing. The qualified plumbers like is competent in either technology as well as PVC plumbing which is long plastic stiff tubing.


Another new technology for plumbers is cured in place piping or CIPP. The plumber uses this technology to repair sewer lines that are damaged. It can be used to avoid digging under expensive landscape and building structures. A tube with a double membrane wall called a resin tube liner is pulled through a pipe upstream toward the house from a manhole opening. Then a designated chemical is pumped into the liner to inflate the membrane forcing it to line the pipe. Then that chemical must be cured with steam or an ultraviolet light. Sometimes hot water is used to cure the chemical. At the end of this process, a new plastic pipeline lines the old damaged pipe, creating a pipe within a pipe.

Closed circuit cable television is another new tool used by plumbers pompano beach to inspect main plumbing lines and existing sewer pipe. This substitutes for the old way of digging and removing plumbing lines to inspect them. CCTV is easier and more efficient than the old way. It is also a lot less costly.


Commercial Plumbing

Plumbers work in a lot of different kinds of buildings both residential and commercial. Restaurants have grease clogging problems in expulsion piping including sink drains and piping to grease tanks. Restaurants also have problems with their commercial dishwashers and all too often with leaks from walls. Commercial garbage disposals often break down and sewer pipes from restaurants tend to back up and cause backwash problems.

Dealing with the public, plumbers learn that customer service and public relations are an intricate part of their business. Customers must have their jobs done efficiently and on time in order not to disrupt their business or daily lives. Plumbers must be experts in many things.